Figma: The Best Web Designing Tool in 2021

Davide Del Gatto
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Are you looking for some power-packed UI/UX design tool? Or want to switch up to something better? If you are a web designer who wants an effective tool to make their web design even better, then you’ve probably come across Figma.

Figma is similar to Sketch, but the major difference that keeps this tool apart is that it lets you collaborate with your colleagues in real-time.

Pretty exciting and fantastic, right? Well, there is a lot to know about this premium web designing tool called Figma.

Want to know about this tool more? Let’s get started then.

About Figma


Figma is a premium and user-friendly web designing tool based on cloud computing that means you don’t need to install it. It allows users to collaborate with real-time friends and with its team members to work continuously without hassle.

Whether you want to upgrade your web design or design your website from start to end, Figma helps teams create multiple tests and ship better and unique designs.

Figma delivers flawless performance and brings out the best design in the website business.

Why Use Figma?

In 2016, Figma was introduced as a design tool that promised to deliver the powerful features you can expect from a native app. From 2016 to now, Figma has surprised every user with its real-time collaboration feature.

With this, several designers could share their designs and thoughts with co-workers and clients, and it was like magic to them.

Figma has come a long way, and now this tool is the best designing tool by improving and adding new features. Today, Figma is considered the best tool by bringing every designer and developer to collaborate.

This was about a small introduction about Figma, Now let’s dive into its unique features this tool offers to its users.

Features of Figma That You’ll Love


1. Designed For Digital Evolution

Figma delivers an advanced way to create interfaces that are effective and stronger for highly responsive companies. It is designed especially for digital evolution.

Figma has everything that you need to design that can adapt when the size of the screen changes. To better control your design, you can use layout grids and access more components to create a vast experience. It has all the tools in one place that you need to in web designing.

2. Real-Time Collaboration

Having an effective team will help you to create better designs and that’s where Figma comes into the picture. Figma has introduced a creative solution for all the companies. With this application, people staying in different locations can work on a file together and in real-time.

All they need is a browser to connect, and they can export, import, or inspect a copy code for IOS and Android and quickly share new concepts with the groups.

All their work will be saved, and the teams can share whatever they want with other team members.

3. Supports Latest Strategies

It is designed to support the latest strategies used in designing. Figma is powerful and packed full of helpful editing tools.

You can use 60FPS interactive editing that comes with stunning preview and simple to export features or enter into vector networks that allow you to access the drag and development options.

 The best thing about Figma is that you can access your mobile too, so that you can easily make any changes you want to on your system.

4.  Best Solution For Prototyping

Figma is the only web designing tool that allows teams to collaborate. With their web-based solution, you can continue by creating your design, communicating with team members or prototyping.

With This tool, you can make changes to the system and view the previous version within seconds. Doing this will help you to keep track of the progression of your project.

5. Amazing Customer Support

With their fantastic customer support, you will not find any problem from transferring your files to collaborating with your team members. However, if you find any issues, you can have a conversation with their live support team and be happy to respond to you within two to three hours.

3 Reasons To Choose Figma As Your Primary Web Designing Tool

1. Browser Application

Figma works in a browser which makes it easy and simple for all the users. You don’t need to install anything. Just log in to the website and you are ready to go.

There are several other browser apps like Tilda or Webflow, but Figma is a powerful application to get started. It also comes with cloud storage that means your files will be saved, and unsaved files will move to drafts.

2. Perfect Idea Of Collaboration

The idea of collaboration is the most popular trend in the IT industry. Figma follows this trend perfectly, and its cloud nature makes it a perfect choice. This application allows several members to work on a single project through a stable internet connection.

Figma also has a commenting feature in which you can simply leave a comment in the file. After some time, your team will discuss the project without attending face-to-face meetings or skype calls.

3. Free For Starters

The application allows starters who are looking to design on three projects. The free version gives unlimited files and up to 30 days version history, which sounds impressive and exciting.

Figma Pricing


There are three different plans in Figma

  1. Free
  2. Professional ($12 per editor/month)
  3. Organization ($45 per editor/month)

1. Free Plan

If you have a small designing team and only need to work on two to three projects their starter plan is free. The features of the free plan include:

  1. Free viewers
  2. Up to 2 editors
  3. 30-day version history
  4. Unlimited free viewers
  5. 3 projects

2. Professional ($12 per editor/month)

The price of professional plan is $12 per editor and per month. The features of this plan include:

  1. Unlimited projects
  2. Unlimited version history
  3. Custom file/user permissions
  4. Invite-only private projects
  5. Shareable team libraries

3. Organization ($45 per editor/per month)

The price of Organization plan is $45 per editor per month and comes with annual billing only. The features of this plan include:

  1. Org-wide design systems
  2. Centralized teams
  3. Private plugins
  4. Plugin administration
  5. Shared fonts
  6. SSO + advanced security
  7. Design System Analytics

Each plan has unlimited storage and free viewers. In two paid plans, you will get unlimited editors and projects and the ability to make invite projects.

However, the organizational plan will help larger organizations create unlimited teams, access controls for activity logs, and more.

Final Thoughts

Real-Time collaboration and other features make Figma a tough competitor and winner than other designing tools out there. Overall, Figma has a complete power-packed featured and tools best meant for solo designers and design teams.

Figma will be a great choice even for your personal uses. It has a variety of features and resources that will help you boost up your workflow.


Davide Del Gatto

My name is Davide Del Gatto, I am Italian and I am 33 years old. I was born on the Adriatic coast in the center of Italy, and there began my dream of understanding everything related to computers. I am an independent systems engineer who never stops studying, which has allowed me to be at the forefront of the most relevant issues in the digital world.

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