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Technology advances daily, so it is necessary to evaluate each point in your organization to ensure that everything is working under control. You don't need to be in front of a computer to understand what your operating system needs... so we offer our services in both a face-to-face and remote way. With our Remote IT Support service, we aim to look for a solution to all your company's or business' hardware and software system issues. This tends to be one of the least valued investments, but one which can be converted into almost immediate savings.

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Complete evaluation of the entire system

To change obsolete technology, it is necessary to make a complete evaluation of each computer in your company. This is a relatively short process that allows the IT expert to identify where the failures are.

Obsolete systems on servers, virtual servers, and cloud servers are the main cause of problems internally, as instead of becoming a useful tool for workers, they end up slowing down any type of service.

The work of the IT expert goes beyond installing the most up-to-date system; indeed, we try to understand what the possibilities and capacities of each computer within the company are n order to allow you to advance, thus managing to jump over the technological bump.

Remote IT support: hardware evaluation

Each computer, whether desktop or laptop, will be fully evaluated to ensure that it is free of malware and programs that could slow down its optimal operation. This is a job that can be easily done remotely, after advancing security clearance in a controlled manner.

Computers are only a shell, and it is possible to know where the damage is without touching a single screw. We also check the wiring and internet connection, looking to advance the speed in the best possible way. Once the complete evaluation is completed, and after we'll have made the pertinent updates, we'll proceed to include the necessary anti-virus programs to keep everything safe.

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All the company information will be kept safe

Every valuable point of information will be backed up and processed on a large and secure storage base, to ensure that all information is protected from the start. Our job is to assess, diagnose, and correct every problem that occurs on your computers and servers so that working in the office will be easier for both employees and employers.

One consultation will be more than enough to determine what your company's weaknesses are and get you started. Rather than being an expense; this is an investment in the future, as it will prevent you from spending unnecessary sources on new equipment, and ensure you make proper use of the system already in place.

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