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📱Hey peeps! I’m Aria Linkwell, a Social Media Manager by day and an internet explorer by night. Now, you might be thinking “Great, another social media junkie.” But believe me when I say, there’s more to me than meets the eye.

Imagine combining the power of social media with the intriguing field of Anthropology and sprinkle in a dash of persuasive tactics. Now, that’s a combo you don’t hear about every day!

Here are few creative uses leveraging this interesting mix!

1. **Cultural Profiling for Effective Marketing**: Instead of approaching audiences through standard demographics, I use anthropology to explore socio-cultural drivers of a community. The result is an audience categorized not just by age or location, but by shared values, beliefs and customs. This fuels a richer, more effective content strategy.

2. **Daring ‘Black Hat’ Tactics**: I use ‘Social Engineering’ to draw insights from the behavioral patterns of our competitors and respond to them creatively. It keeps us ahead in the game!

3. **Enhancing Audience Reach through Multilingual Content**: Speaking multiple languages allows me to precisely localize content for various cultural groups, making our brand globally understandable.

4. **SEO Integrated Creative Content**: I uniquely blend SEO with content creation, a synergy that drives more engagement and keyword rankings at the same time.

5. **Masterful Persuasion Techniques**: I use the power of persuasion to motivate the audience into taking action. Be it a call to action on a post, or guiding public opinion, I’ve got it all covered!

The sky’s the limit when experimenting with such diverse skill sets. Who knew, right? 📱

Aria Linkwell – ThinkTank

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