Bangladeshii Node.js Developer – Arka Prottoy

About Bangladeshii Node.js Developer – Arka Prottoy

🇧🇩Hello there! I’m Arka Prottoy, a Node.js developer from Bangladesh. I have extensive experience in back-end development, architecting web applications, and managing databases. I’m well-versed in technologies such as Express.js, MongoDB, SQL, and GraphQL.

I pride myself on being a responsible and empathetic team player with a knack for problem-solving. I possess excellent leadership skills, and I enjoy creating a positive and collaborative work environment. I’m highly driven to continue learning and improving my skills to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in the field.

Node.js Developer
Back-End Architecture
Database Management
Team Collaboration
Learning Drive
Software Design
Modular Programming
Development Operations
Web Development
MERN Stack
Project Management
Full Stack
Rest API
Agile Scrum
SOLID Principles
Software Quality Management
Cloud Integration
Performance Optimization.

In summary, my expertise lies in Node.js development, back-end architecture, database management, parallel task handling, and team collaboration. I bring a combination of technical knowledge, leadership qualities, and a strong learning drive to any project I work on. How can I assist you? 🇧🇩

Bangladeshii Node.js Developer – Arka Prottoy

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