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Cork Lotus Yoga

what they do

Cork Lotus Yoga, located in the heart of Cork City, represents the tranquil haven of wellness and inner peace established by founders Katie & Hazel. Boasting two flourishing studios, one in Cork and the other in Clare, this top-rated yoga sanctuary offers an extensive video library of over 150 yoga lessons across 10 diverse styles.

In their mission to transcend physical barriers and continue their yoga instruction amid the pandemic, they started sharing weekly video lessons, enabling their patrons to cultivate balance and harmony within their own homes.

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why Cork Lotus Yoga contacted us

The Big Problem

Cork Lotus Yoga’s journey wasn’t without its hurdles. Their initial foray into the digital space was marred by a disappointing experience with a local web agency.

Their existing website was riddled with issues, from complicated management and updating processes to rigid layouts that resisted change. It stood as a bottleneck in their pursuit to create an accessible and user-friendly digital platform for their ever-growing community.

how we solve it

The Solution

Answering the call, Flying Web Solutions leaped into action, promising a remedy tailored specifically to Cork Lotus Yoga’s needs and values. Utilising our proficiency in WordPress, we meticulously rebuilt their website from the ground up. With a custom backend, Katie and Hazel found themselves empowered to modify every website section as they wished, giving them complete control over their online presence.

Our comprehensive Care Plan ensured they never faced technical issues alone. To ensure seamless integration of new features and functionalities, we crafted informative video guides, further simplifying the management process.

transformation and results

Business Impact

  • An increase in website traffic by 65%, thanks to improved website design and user experience.

  • A significant boost in their Google ranking, jumping up by 40% within the first three months of the website’s launch.

  • A drop in average ad spend by 30%, as the enhanced website’s SEO performance decreased the dependency on paid promotions.

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what they said about us

  • Hazel O'Sullivan - Cork Lotus Yoga

    Hazel O’Sullivan


    I am beyond happy with the service we received from Davide. He is really quick, efficient, knowledgeable and listened carefully to our needs. Any problems we faced, he sorted extremely quickly for us and he is fantastic at communication. We couldn't have asked for better to be honest. I highly recommend him to anyone and will be using Flying Web Solutions in the future for sure. Thank you 🙏

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