Who are English Path:

The English Path is a company that specializes in teaching English as a second language to people from all over the world. Their courses are offered in a multitude of fantastic cities throughout the world in order to meet the needs of all individuals. One of the most prestigious higher education colleges in the UK, GBS, is a member of the Global Education Group, which includes English Path.

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Past Year

The Challenge

Our team was contacted by the English Path team in order to help them build a custom, modern, and responsive website for their company. This was intended to be a powerful marketing tool and to sell their language courses online. In this case, it was a challenge to create a custom website which would be flexible enough to upload a list of different language courses for multiple destinations. In addition to this, there were a number of calls to action that were placed throughout the website.

What we did

In three meetings with the founder of English Path, our team of experts was able to provide an in-depth analysis of their competitors as well as a detailed map of their website. After a week or so, we sent over the main set of bespoke mockups so the English Path team could have a better idea of how powerful the website was supposed to look. With the permission of English Path, we were able to proceed with the development of the project base using WordPress, Advanced Custom Fields, Custom Post Type, and other plugins in order to create a powerful and future-proof website.

The Result

We worked closely with the English Path team on improving and optimizing the website and our team was always in sync with them. The English Path Marketing team began publishing advertisements and posts on social media as soon as the website was launched online, as soon as the website was launched online. They were able to boost their language courses through the use of a website that was linked to the Zoho CRM tool. To start off with, the English Path Sales team managed an average of 25 leads per week as a result of this. On average, English Path is able to get 60 leads per week by constantly putting effort into social media and advertising.