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Innova Sport Astorga

what they do

At the heart of Astorga, Spain, lies the Innova Sport Astorga sports club – a dynamic institution dedicated to fostering the passion for tennis and paddle tennis. With the management and teaching of these sports as their primary activities, they also thrive on organizing a variety of exciting tournaments that invite sports enthusiasts of all ages.

The club extends beyond just sports, offering tailored personal and group training sessions, fostering a vibrant community of fitness-conscious individuals.

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why Innova Sport Astorga contacted us

The Big Problem

With the inauguration of their first sports fields in 2021, Innova Sport Astorga was poised to redefine sports enthusiasm. To successfully translate this new chapter into an online presence, they needed a modern, responsive website. This website would not only become their digital face but also a platform that could handle online bookings and payments effectively.

The goal was to create a website that could be promoted seamlessly across multiple channels – social media, flyers, and online advertising – to increase awareness and customer interaction.

how we solve it

The Solution

Flying Web Solutions dived into the project, bringing together a team of expert web developers and strategists. We crafted a bespoke website design using WordPress integrated with WooCommerce.

We introduced a customized member management system using Memberpress, catering to the unique needs of Innova Sport Astorga. With a rapid turnaround time of just four weeks, we were able to deliver a website that checked all the boxes – modern aesthetics, responsive design, and streamlined user interface for online bookings and payments.

transformation and results

Business Impact

  • The new website bolstered their online visibility, leading to a significant increase in their revenue by 35% in the first six months.

  • Through our SEO strategies, Innova Sport Astorga’s website climbed the Google rankings, reaching the top 5 for their key search terms within four months.

  • With the website functioning as an all-in-one platform for information, bookings, and payments, Innova Sport Astorga was able to reduce their average ad spend by 20%.

what we used

Services used for Innova Sport Astorga