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09 Aug 2022

Website Maintenance Cost: Your Ultimate Guide To Website Maintenance Cost in 2022 If you have made your website, you might…

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Website Maintenance Cost: Your Ultimate Guide To Website Maintenance Cost in 2022

If you have made your website, you might be thinking of sitting back and relaxing, right? WRONG!

It’s easy to see things maintained in your home, but things aren’t clear and evident with the website.

When your precious customers or search engines land on your website, they’ll look for something that’ll let them know about your professional business. But if left unchecked, it may even cause hacking.

So that’s why maintaining your website and understanding website maintenance pricing is very important.

But how to keep your website in good condition? And how much does it cost? Let us find out.

How Much Does Website Maintenance Cost?

In 2022, maintaining your website is like keeping care of your baby. Yes!! I know it seems funny, but keeping a healthy check for your website is MUST in the fast-paced digital world.

Depending upon the website’s functionality, background, skill set, size, your business might pay €30 to €500 per month and €600 to €200,000 per year to maintain your website.

But do you want to know the accurate cost of website maintenance? Then keep reading for a simple breakdown of website management costs by site type.

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So let’s go and have a look at website maintenance costs in Ireland.

Website Maintenance Cost In Ireland             

When it comes to the website management cost, your rate will largely depend on your website. That’s why here I have a breakdown of website maintenance pricing by website type.

So get an estimated cost for your website maintenance by having a glance at the table below:

Type of WebsiteMonthly Maintenance Cost
1. Personal Website€5 to €30 /month
2. Professional Blog€30 to €80 /month
3. Small Business Website€30 to €120 /month
4. Corporate Website€150 to €3,000 /month
5. Web Application€250 to €3,000 /month
6. Custom Business Website€300 to €4,000 /month
7. Ecommerce Website€1,500 to €2,500 /month

8 Core Website Maintenance Cost

As you look towards monthly website maintenance rates, it’s essential to look at these eight below given factors which will have a huge impact on how much website maintenance costs your business:

Website Maintenance ServiceMonthly Price
1. Domain Name€0.08 to €1/ month
2. SSL Certificate€0 to €125/ month
3. Website Hosting€2 to €835/ month
4. General Website Keep up€15 to €105/ month
5. CMS€0 to €3,500/ month
6. Tech Support€1,500 to €3,000/ month
7. Website Analytics Report€5 to €15/ month

1. Domain name: (€0.05 to €1/ month)

A domain name appears on the top of the page that grabs most of your clients’ attention. Searching for a unique name for our website domain and keeping it secure every single month is essential.

Some other companies will take your unique domain name, and you will be forced to find a new domain name for your website.

2. SSL Certificate: (€0 to €135/ month)

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is like a stamp for your website that protects your URL. By adding an SSL certificate to your website, users will feel protected as they visit your website.

It will ensure all your users that data shared by your client is safe and protected. It could be a free certificate, but most business people look for additional features like customer support, and higher encryption rates, and costs around €135 per month.

3. Website hosting (€2 to €800/ month)

Website hosting is essential as a domain name. If you don’t have web hosting, users will not be able to find your website. However, it can be done in four ways:

1. Shared Host

It is one of the cheapest options available right now. If you have a low-traffic website, this option is right for you. Shared Host means it will host your website with other sites, costing you around $30-$100 a year.

2. Website Builder

Website Builder is the perfect solution if you have a small-scale business or a professional blogger. The service for website builders will cost you around €50-€200 a year.

3. VPS

VPS is similar to a shared server, but here you will own the server’s resources completely. The server is divided into multiple different servers. It will cost you around €240 to €1,000 per year.

4. Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is the most expensive yet essential one for your website. It provides complete ownership of your server as it is primarily owned by businesses only.

4. General Website Upkeep (€15 to €105/ month)

These timely updates will help you to keep your website secure and up to date. It would also give it a modern and elegant touch.

Even if your setup is mostly offline, an online presence will give you more potential online customers. Updates include content, webpages, plugins, link forms, etc.

5. Tech Support (€130 to €2300/ month)

Having tech support will help you permanently fix your bugs and broken links from your website. However, most of the time, all service providers specify a turnaround time when any issue appears on your website.

Several companies spend around €1300 to €2300 every single month for having tech support.

6. CMS Updates (€0 to €3500)

A Content Management System helps you right from managing and uploading to publishing content on your website. WordPress, Joomla, and Magento are some great examples of CMS that are available out there.

It could cost you up to €3,000 per month for a result-producing Content Management System.

7. Website Analytics Reports (€5 to €15)

Website Analytics Reports will help you to keep a monthly track of your website maintenance. The report looks at several factors like:

  1. Average time on site
  2. Number of unique factors
  3. Average bounce rate

It would not add more than €5 to €15 to your website maintenance costs, but it would bring a lot of value to your site.

Having a report on your website could serve as a significant unique selling point when researching service providers.

8. E-commerce System Maintenance (€15 to €25)

It is one of the crucial and most essential components of online business. Without an E-Commerce support system, you will not be able to accept the process and fulfil orders.

If any error occurs, you may have to submit a ticket. It would cost you around €15 to €25 a month.

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