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7 Mistakes That Web Designer Makes

01 Aug 2022

7 Mistakes That Web Designer Makes Phew! At least you’ve found a web designer who promises to create a stunning…

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7 Mistakes That Web Designer Makes

Phew! At least you’ve found a web designer who promises to create a stunning website for your business, right? You’re thrilled that you end up with one of the most beautiful websites for your business and that your customers will come running around to buy products from you!

Wait, what about the bad news? Well, chances that your web designer will make these 7 given mistakes while designing your website.

And if it doesn’t make any mistakes, then luckily, you’ve got the luckiest and best person for your website design.

So let’s read on to see some of the most common and cringe-worthy mistakes that every web designers make throughout their web designing career.

But Hey, WAIT! Before starting this article, I have a surprise for you. Yes! You heard it right.

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The 7 most common mistakes made by web designers

No matter how much experience you have in web designing, there are always a few things that you must not know. Web-design industry comes with a variety of trends to learn and implement.

Several designers put their foot in for improving the design elements and animation on their websites and end up committing mistakes.

It further turns into “disappointment,” which is a crucial mistake in today’s time.  Despite said, many designers still commit mistakes.

So here are 7 mistakes that every designer makes and how to avoid them.

1. Poor Navigation

Several web designers spend a lot of time deciding to position their elements, web pages, and countless other animations throughout the website. Thus, they end up making a complicated design where the user’s journey from visiting your site and seeing your services seems incomplete.

With the complicated design, users will not get attracted to your website and they will fail to locate your service or web pages that they were looking for to solve their pain point.

As a web designer, keep your website’s navigation simple and clear by positioning your elements and web pages.  Users can quickly locate the type of service or product you are offering and they can fulfill it by visiting your website.

2. Countless CTAs

Call To Action (CTA) is an essential and powerful tool that helps you convert a visitor into a happy customer. CTA will only be helpful if you are using it as a definite number.

Excessive use of CTA will frustrate your customers, and they will back out from your website. So don’t put too many CTAs all over your website; instead, focus on a few relevant CTA on the web page that helps users and ensures you a rich and satisfying customer experience.

3.  Adding Too Much Of Animations

Adding animations is also a great way to draw customer attention right away, but only if it is done within a limit. Many web designers use an excessive amount of animations over a website and tend to forget that it’s a website for customers rather than for yourself.

So as a designer, you must look into your website and make sure to leave enough blank spaces and focus on adding limited and relevant animations.

Adding the animations to the limit will help your customers get a real and great experience over the website rather than getting frustrated or distracted with too many animated elements lying on the website.

4. Non-Mobile Friendly Websites

Designers primarily focus on design and only design. While designing a website, their primary focus is to deliver a stunning representation of the website on a perfect device and forgot that different types of users are using different kinds of devices.

To make your website turn into a perfect one, you need to look great in all sizes so that all your visiting customers don’t have to struggle and zoom in on your website, which only was made for PC.

Web designers need to ensure that their website must be made perfect for displaying and operating on multiple devices like PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more.

5. Auto-Playing Videos

Auto-playing videos from a user perspective is a big NO. Many web designers out there force a user to watch the video, even if they do not want to do so.

Believe me! Doing this will not help you; instead, your customers will get irritated, and the next they will take is to say goodbye to your website. And I don’t think you want to do so? Right?

You don’t have to do this, because it’s not a great idea and it will be backfired. Every design company must ensure its designers avoid auto-playing videos on their websites.

6. Poor Readability

When it comes to creativity and innovation, several designers compromise readability. Let me tell you; that readability is an essential and prominent aspect when designing a website.

If visitors fail to understand the content written on your website, they will not scroll or browse your website, which results in a bad customer experience.

While designing a website, designers should design an aesthetically beautiful website by keeping the importance of readability in their minds. There are two main issues that cause readability problems:

1. Problem With The Content Structure

It is one of the biggest problems that make it difficult for every visitor to look for your site’s desired content. Having a poor content structure will hurt your website conversion rates.

Every designer should place similar content on one page and include introductory content on the home page with bold headings to make them essential.

2. Using Too Many Colours and Font Styles

Most designers use too many colours and font styles on their web pages to make them intuitive. You should avoid using font faces and colours on your web pages as they will look messy.

Make sure that you use fewer fonts and colours on one page. If you want that your visitors stay on your site for a longer time, give your website a clean and simple look.

7. Improper Ad Placements

Improper ad placements are generally a pain, but it’s impossible to get rid away from them if they are your primary source of income. To make them less frustrating and more engaging to visitors, you must place your ads properly on your website.

Don’t place your ads anywhere, especially in areas where it is interfering with your website’s actual content. If you are using pop-ups, make sure not to cover a larger part of your site.

Final Thoughts

Every designer who is looking to make a successful business growth in 2020, must ensure that they must not commit the above-given mistakes. Committing mistakes will ruin the customer experience and in the end, they will lose their business forever.

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