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La Mattera

what they do

Meet La Mattera, a renowned family-run business based in the serene landscapes of Marina Palmense, a stone’s throw away from the Adriatic Sea. Proudly boasting 100 hectares of lovingly cultivated land, La Mattera is a testament to the dedication and passion that forms the foundation of their business.

The fruits of their labour, literally and figuratively, are visible in their top-quality products like meticulously produced olive oil, juicy tomatoes, and an array of other delectable vegetables. Their customer base, as diverse as their produce, is bound by one common thread – unwavering loyalty to La Mattera’s products, an honour that we, too, are proud to share.

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why La Mattera contacted us

The Big Problem

Roberto Traini, the visionary CEO of La Mattera, recognized the boundless potential of e-commerce and approached us with a grand vision. His aim? To transform their traditional business model by venturing into the digital realm with an e-commerce website, enhancing accessibility for their existing customer base and opening up new horizons for potential clients.

He envisaged a platform that was not just a point of sale, but a modern, user-friendly, and responsive portal that echoed the same love and dedication poured into every La Mattera product.

how we solve it

The Solution

Armed with Roberto’s vision, we first embarked on a comprehensive competitor research to glean insights that would give La Mattera a competitive edge. This provided the foundation for our sitemap, the backbone of a modern, responsive design layout that was tailored to La Mattera’s unique needs. WordPress and WooCommerce, renowned for their versatility, were our platforms of choice for the e-commerce transformation.

However, our solutions didn’t stop at design and development. We infused SEO strategies into the very fabric of the website, optimizing product categories and listings with effective long-tail and short keywords that we identified during our initial research. This 360-degree solution ensured that La Mattera didn’t just have an online presence, but one that was primed for success.

transformation and results

Business Impact

  • A surge in their online sales, as the user-friendly interface and easy navigation encouraged a 35% increase in first-time buyers.

  • A dramatic improvement in their Google rankings, with targeted SEO strategies pushing La Mattera to the first page for most of their key product searches.

  • Website traffic saw an exponential growth of 42% within the first three months post-launch, a testament to the intuitive design and seamless user experience.

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what they said about us

  • Roberto Traini - La Mattera - Hotel Palmensis

    Roberto Traini

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Preparation and professionalism ... what come to mind when the job is completed. Davide, very well prepared, was able to listen to and analyze all my numerous requests, advising me on the right way to proceed, with the creation of an excellent website, clean and functional, with a much-appreciated note of taste.

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