Office Solutions

what they do

Office Solutions, hailing from the heart of Milan, is a company dedicated to tailoring office spaces to meet the unique needs of its clients. Their expertise extends beyond simple furnishings, though they are an authorized Steelcase dealer and distributor of other notable workspace brands.

The company’s real edge lies in their thorough understanding of workspace design, shaping areas of varying sizes Рfrom cozy conference rooms and archives to spacious auditoriums and break rooms Рinto conducive environments that foster productivity.

why Office Solutions contacted us

The Big Problem

Office Solutions, as part of their comprehensive marketing strategy, approached us at Flying Web Solutions with a need. They wanted a modern, adaptable website that aptly showcases their extensive range of services and the ethos that underpins their work.

They were in search of a digital platform that was as flexible and contemporary as the office spaces they meticulously design.

how we solve it

The Solution

Our response to Office Solutions’ request was two-pronged. First, we proposed developing their new website on the robust yet flexible WordPress platform, giving them the ability to modify content as they see fit.

More crucially, we suggested setting up an interconnected blog and newsletter service, establishing an avenue for dynamic communication and brand storytelling. To ensure seamless transitions, we created a comprehensive video guide to managing the website, effectively equipping Office Solutions’ team with the knowledge to add, edit, or remove products autonomously.

transformation and results

Business Impact

  • A significant 35% increase in income, thanks to the easy-to-navigate product catalog and efficient content management system.

  • An impressive jump in Google ranking, now appearing on the first page for ‘Office Solutions Milan,’ reflecting a 44.5% increase in organic traffic.

  • A burgeoning online community, with their blog and newsletter subscriptions growing by a stunning 68%.

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what they said about us

  • Ennio Villa - Office&More

    Ennio Villa

    Sales Manager

    We requested to create a new website for our company. We have received excellent advice and adequate assistance. Mr. Del Gatto, a very professional person, has always made himself available for any request or urgent intervention. Thanks

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