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Lynes & Lynes

what they do

Lynes & Lynes, established in the vibrant heart of Cork over 40 years ago, has grown into an antique and fine art empire. With an unyielding dedication to personal service and passionate pursuit of the best results for their customers, Lynes & Lynes has cemented a robust and loyal client base.

Their years of operation have honed a rich repository of experience, allowing them to navigate the intricacies of the antique and fine art world with finesse and confidence.

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why Lynes & Lynes contacted us

The Big Problem

Despite their traditional business flourishing, Lynes & Lynes grappled with a digital hurdle. Their auction website, a critical tool in their modern operations, had become a cause for concern.

The challenge lay in the difficulty of implementing new features on the platform. The original developer was no longer accessible for support, rendering the website’s hosting practically unmanageable. The predicament was beginning to hinder their progression in an increasingly digital marketplace.

how we solve it

The Solution

Flying Web Solutions, bringing with them a swift, reliable and empathic approach, took on the task to overhaul the troubled website. Maintaining the familiar style and layout for ease of customer transition, the website was rebuilt from the ground up.

The legacy auctions and lots were carefully migrated, ensuring no disruption to Lynes & Lynes’ ongoing operations. Furthermore, to empower Lynes & Lynes with full control over their platform, tutorial videos were created, guiding them on how to navigate their new website and upload new lots with a simple CSV file.

transformation and results

Business Impact

  • By honing the website’s SEO and user experience, the average price per ad dropped by 18%, increasing overall marketing efficiency.

  • The user-friendly and attractive website design contributed to a 30% increase in site traffic within the first two months.

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what they said about us

  • Lynes & Lynes

    Denis Lynes


    Always helpful and prompt response would highly recommend Flying Web Solutions. *****

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