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Meet L2L: a vibrant, dedicated language and grinds Academy nestled in the heart of Waterford City, Ireland’s oldest city with a rich tapestry of culture and history. For over a decade, L2L has been at the forefront of language education, passionately nurturing the linguistic abilities of both local and international students.

With a team deeply committed to making learning an exciting, engaging, and fun experience, L2L is more than just an academy – it’s a global community for language lovers.

why Love2Learn contacted us

The Big Problem

But beneath this thriving hub of learning, L2L was grappling with a digital dilemma. Their existing website was slow, inconsistent, and unwieldy. Navigating through the site felt like a maze with broken links lurking at every corner, and missing templates turned simple tasks into Herculean labours.

Every tweak or update – whether it was changing a line of text or adding a new course – required modifying each and every page, consuming valuable time and resources.

how we solve it

The Solution

Recognizing the urgency, we at Flying Web Solutions swooped in with a comprehensive, sustainable solution. We reconstructed a robust, future-proof website that not only mirrored L2L’s vibrant brand colours and values but also streamlined their processes. Using the flexible and user-friendly WordPress platform, we designed custom post types and fields.

This customization enabled L2L’s team to effortlessly update their website – be it adding a new course, modifying an internal program, or updating team profiles – granting them complete autonomy over their digital presence.

transformation and results

Business Impact

  • The average ad spend dropped by 25%, owing to the better organic reach and higher conversion rates that the new website facilitated.

  • The revitalised website attracted an influx of new users.

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  • Alexander Frahm Fetherston

    Alexander Frahm Fetherston

    General Manager

    100% recommended. Davide is not only a friendly and approachable, but an incredibly talented and efficient professional. We couldn't have asked for a better company to revamp our website! Grazie mille Davide!

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