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We will protect your WordPress sites from Hacks

Want to recover your hacked WordPress site? Exhausted all other options? No worries, we can help. We want to draw your attention to a few important points here

Hacked WordPress websites need immediate help

It's imperative to take immediate action if your WordPress website has been hacked. Your website can be damaged by hackers, who can steal sensitive information, deface your site, or even take it offline completely. It is possible to fix a hacked WordPress website in a few different ways. Identifying the source of the attack is the first step, followed by removing malicious code from the root directory and database. It is also necessary to change your passwords and update your security settings. It's our job to help you fix a hacked WordPress website if you're not sure how. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Don't let hackers ruin your website and reputation

Hackers can ruin your website and reputation in many ways. It is possible for them to hack into your site and delete or change confidential information. In addition, they may post false information that will damage your reputation. Further, they can launch attacks that can take your site offline or prevent visitors from accessing it. You must take security seriously in order to protect your website and reputation. Make it difficult for hackers to gain access to your site by implementing strong security measures. Keep an eye on your site regularly for any suspicious activity. Taking immediate action to fix the problem and minimize any damage should be the first step if your site suspects it has been hacked.

Do you regularly back up your website?

Businesses today rely heavily on websites - they're often their first point of contact with customers. Therefore, you should always ensure that your website is up and running, and have a backup in case something goes wrong. Making a manual backup or using a backup service are both options for backing up your website. Maintaining your website requires regularly backing up your website, regardless of which method you choose. If something goes wrong, you will always be able to restore your website.

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Create a backup of your site and database

Before we begin working on your site and database, we always create a backup of it. By doing so, we will have a complete version of your source website available to us

Search & Remove malicious files

After searching for malicious files and backdoors, the next step is to remove them. We will also analyze the database for malicious code. All malicious data will be removed after the search is complete.

Update the WordPress Core

To ensure that no compromised files are present in WordPress, the third step will be to update the core of WordPress

Add additional security plugins and setup 2FA

Our final step is to install a security plugin, and then allow 2-factor authentication to be used in order to protect your website.

Reliable Website Support and Maintenance

Our technical support and web maintenance services are unmatched. Here are a few reasons to choose us:
We offer free initial consultation
Customised Support Plans
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4 weeks of free support on your next project
100% client-satisfaction
We have a 99.9% uptime guarantee
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